The Ministry

Rita and Marvin

Do you have hurt and pain in your life? Do you find life frustrating at times? There is someone who understands. Rita Christie has been ministering throughout Florida and the United States since the late 1970s and she knows life can be challenging.

The hallmark of Rita Christie's Ministry is Jesus Christ and because she loves Him so, she deeply cares about... you. Rita has never lived in an "ivory tower." She understands sorrow, and yet she has prevailed in life through strong prayer & intercession.

She realizes there are times in life when you carry burdens that seem too great to bear. She will always remind you and encourage you there is someone who cares for you and his name is Jesus.

Rita At The Radio BoardThe Past...

Her ministry began many years ago in the late 1970s. First and foremost, Rita was not interested in promoting herself. She wanted to lift up the Savior. The Lord began to open amazing doors of Ministry for this young woman from Plant City, Florida.

Rita ministered to millions of people on WCIE-FM 91.1 for many years. In her radio Ministry the phrase, Have a Jesus Filled Day, was coined. Now, almost 30 years later, the phrase can be heard around the world. Google references thousands of websites with the salutation, Have a Jesus Filled Day! It all began at the end of her radio shift on WCIE. She would close her broadcast with an exuberant "Have a Jesus Filled Day!"

The Future...

Rita's Family

Now, in the 21st Century, "the future is family" for Rita. These pictures, taken of Rita's family show the blessing of God on her life. It is no secret that Rita's powerful prayers and strong intercession have touched each one of these young people.

There is no question her prayers have made the difference for her beautiful family. She will be happy to pray for you as well.