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>>Janet: Good morning, and welcome, I am Pastor Janet your host for this morning. I want you to stay with me for the next three hours and we pray for those who will be calling in this morning. I think it is wonderful that every time we open our mouth and say Jesus, he will listen to the cries of the righteous.

Is there anything too difficult for the Lord? No, with God  all things are possible. I never cease to be amazed at what God can do, in a moment we will be able to leave this world and we will be with the Lord forever. Think about what God has done from the beginning of time, he spoke the world into existence; he framed everything together and put it into place. God had everything brought together, he said, and it is good and very good.

We know we have an adversary, the old enemy, who wants to bring things against us. God wants us to know who he is and how he moves in our lives. When you love somebody, you want to know about them. As a family we love our children and we want to know about our children. And why do we say to our spouse, “how was your day today?” And we say to our children, “how was your day in school? How did you do on the test?” We want to know they are doing well.

Jesus watches over you and he wants to know that you are doing well. His all seeing eye is always on you. I want to speak this morning about how we can seek a fuller revelation. I want to begin this morning from the book of Hosea 6:3. And then we will follow to know the Lord his going forth is prepared and he will come to us as the early and the latter rain upon the earth. When you think about it we need to come and return to the Lord, when we returned to the Lord we have to realize that the Lord has torn us and he will heal us, he has smitten us and he will bind us up.

When we think about it and God can revive us, and he can raise us up, and we should live in his sight. The point I want to make this morning, we need to have a pursuing endeavor with Jesus Christ. We have come too far to turn back now. We need to go towards the mark of the high calling; we need to be on fire so we can endure until the end.

We are striving to spend eternity with Jesus, and heaven will be our home. Even though trials come against us we should be mindful, what Jesus says. He said, I will be with you always, and I will never leave you. Call upon me and I will deliver you from your troubles.

It might take some time, however we have to wait upon God by faith believing. As our faith is, so it will be to us. Anything we ask the Lord to do he is more than willing to do it. He is more than able, God knows about it before it happened.

We need to persevere, we need to keep on keeping on, and not looking back and what is behind and we go forward. Every day is a new day as we wake up. It will be a day where we can bring someone to the cross, and someone can receive salvation, as we open our mouth and we bring forth the word of God so they can know Jesus. Just as we need to know the heartbeat of the Lord.

I want to go to Matthew 13:11, he said, because it is given to you to know the mysteries however that are not given to them. The disciples were with Jesus and they said to him, and why do you speak to them in parables? And Jesus said, those that have received will receive more abundance, and I speak in parables. And they will not hear, and when they see they will not see. Jesus blinded the eyes of the enemy.

he came for his own and his own did not receive him, I should not have said the word enemies, they were blessings to Jesus, when Jesus brought forth the message On the mount of olives the people wanted to hear what Jesus had to say, Jesus spoke in parables. He knew the outcome; he knew the outcome of what was going to be happening in the lives of the people. The disciples wanted to know why he spoke like that. The disciples understood.

Jesus said, and listening they will not understand, and when they see they will not see. Think about it and God is able to keep your enemy from hearing anything you say. The enemy wants to seek who he may devour. He wants to destroy you by the words out of your mouth

There is life and death in the power of the tongue. So many times we think we wish we had not said that. And the birds would go and tell on you. The birds are around you and when I sit outside and I have my coffee with my little dog, I can hear the birds.

They are chirping, and they are in the orange tree in my backyard, I think it is wonderful to listen to the sounds of nature. We do need to be careful what we say. We should be mindful that God can block anything that should not come out of our mouths. Only Jesus is able. When Jesus is on the Mount of Olives, and he has the nail scars.

And the people say wordage get the nail prints? He will say in the house of my friends. They are a friend to Jesus. They are still his chosen people. We should pray for Jerusalem like never before. Things are closing in. God still sees everything. We should be mindful to pray for the people of Jerusalem, so they can see. I pray that they will be able to hear and understand what the word of God says to them, so they can know the Messiah has come and paid the price on the cross.

He arose and he went up into the heavens after 40 days upon the earth. Think about it. God is able, amen, amen, amen. I want to go to St. John 8:32 you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. Do you want to know more about Jesus? You need to stand upon the word of God; he is the way the truth and the life, and no one come to the father but by Jesus.

When you draw close to the Lord you will understand more when you read the word of God, you will understand the plan Jesus has for you. He does not slumber or sleep, he is on the throne watching over you. We need to abide in the words of Christ. They are life and life more abundantly. They are spirit and truth and every word in the word of God you can stand upon it. Jesus will bring it to pass

The truth comes from the mouth of Jesus and from the mouth of Jesus only. The Bible says God will be true and every other man will be a liar. God wants to speak through you and God want you to understand every step you need to take, the Lord will put your feet up on the sure foundation and the Lord will watch over you, and he will be the rock, Jesus Christ. Praise God. John 13:7.

Jesus said, and what I do you do not know however you will know here after. In due time God will reveal everything to you and me. We need to learn to wait upon the Lord. I think that is the most difficult thing we have to do. We live in a time where everything is instant.

Instantly we want our prayers answered, we want to have the answer. Instantly we want things to happen. However, there is a time for everything. There is a time to plant and harvest, there is a time to mourn, and there is a time to jump with joy, and there is a season for everything. When you serve Jesus there is not a boring day in your life when you serve him. There is always something wonderful waiting to happen.

Peter spoke to Jesus, and said, do not wash my feet, and Jesus said, if I do not wash your feet you do not have any part of me. In due season Jesus will reveal all things. What is foot washing all about? First off, Jesus came in a lowly manger, he came as a servant. Do you realize that we need to serve the Lord? Jesus served us.

When you do foot washing and communion and that goes to gather at the Last Supper before Jesus went to the cross. We do not realize how important it really is, but it says if this is not happening in your life you cannot be a part of me. Peter said, do not wash my feet, but wash all of me. But Jesus said, I will just wash your feet. When Jesus was on the Earth they went from place to place in sandals, when they got into a town their feet were dirty.

It was an honor for people to wash the feet of those who came into the house. When you wash the feet of someone you humble yourself, before that a person and you humble yourself before God. We need to be humble, and give proper season, and God will raise everybody up. When you wash someone’s feet, you know, you pray over their feet. Think about how beautiful the feet of those who bring the gospel are.

When you wash their feet you just feel the love of Christ flowing over you, and for the person you pray with. You do it for one another as a sign that you are to the children of the highest God, and a sign that you love Jesus, and most of all, that you love your brother to care that he would be comforted when he comes to your house. The Bible says we need to be given to hospitality. We are not always given to that.

When people come to your home, you should welcome them. This is how they welcome them into the days of old. John 16:13, however when the spirit of truth has come to you he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak of himself, and whatever he shall hear, that is what he will speak, and he will show you things to come. How do we receive things to come? Through the guidance of the spirit and the Holy Ghost inside of all of us.

It is not by power or might, but it is by his spirit. We live in a spiritual world. We do not see things in the spirit, sometimes we do, and we see the Angels or the demons. However God is there so you can have guidance. The Holy Ghost will lead you into all truth and all righteousness and right living. you know, it is hard to live for God when you are in the world and you do not have the Holy Ghost to bring you under conviction, and the Lord will say do not go to there, and maybe you used to go there, and God would wink at your ignorance, but he does not do that anymore. and the Bible says, if ya know what, if you commit sin, and we should not look at those things, and it is on the billboards and magazines, however we don’t let our hearts dwell upon those things, and we develop of the goodness of Jesus Christ so we can receive the victory and the salvation, and for every step we take.

Praise God. As I close I want to go to John 6:25, I’ve spoken to you in proverbs, however I will not speak in proverbs but I will show you plainly the father. He says, before I came nobody asked in my name, however Jesus says since I came anything you ask in my name, I will pray to the father, and I will pray to the spirit, and it would be done for you. Saints of God, think about what Jesus has done in our lives, nobody could’ve done what Jesus has done.

Why did he do it? He knew the joy of the outcome and will happen in our lives. And why did Jesus suffered the 39 stripes for the healing? So we could be healed. Amen, amen, amen. Thank you for listening to my message.

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