Janet Has a Broken Hip.

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Sometimes We Don’t Understand.

Our ministry just received something of a “newsflash.” Today at approximately 2:30 PM Eastern time, Friday, August 28, our staff was notified Sister Ellsworth suffered a broken hip last night.

This is all of the information we have at this point. Apparently, Janet has wanted so much to come back to America’s Prayer Meeting, she has pushed herself too hard and now has suffered a broken hip. Janet’s doctor encouraged her to slow down, but Janet felt she could press onward. Now, Janet will not only recover from the amputation of her toe, she will now have to go through substantial rehabilitation with this broken hip.

Frankly, at this point, it does not appear that Janet will be able to return to America’s Prayer Meeting. This new information is a very substantial medical setback for Janet. Janet is still on kidney dialysis and now is struggling with a broken hip. Please pray for Janet. Thank you for your prayers for our team.

This is all the information we have at this time. There is no more news available concerning her condition.  All we know is Janet will not be able to return September 1. 


Janet Returns!

pastor Janet Ellsworth

Janet Returns September 1!

Praise the Lord! Janet will be returning to America’s Prayer Meeting Monday/Tuesday morning September 1.

Janet faced death just a few weeks ago. Her health has been “touch and go” throughout the summer. Janet has been in a coma. Her heart stopped. She had to have her toe amputated. In other words, Janet was in a full-blown medical crisis.

Sister Ellsworth has been on kidney dialysis for most of the summer. Janet has been using her faith to try and jump start her kidneys. With the help of her doctor, Janet is taking as little dialysis as possible, hoping her kidneys will return to normal.

As we write this blog post, August 27, Janet will be returning to America’s Prayer Meeting the first week of September. With that in mind, this summer has been one of the most difficult in recent history for the ministry. With the help of the Lord, and our partners, the ministry is still going strong.

In the month of July of this year, we really thought Janet would not be able to ever come back to the program–at all. The doctors gave Sister Ellsworth very little hope. Her health began to fail in June.  Janet is battling back, and she has proven to be a real woman of faith.  She has defied the odds and is working diligently to return to good health.

Janet is going to make every effort to return permanently to the program the first week of September. Pray for Janet. Her kidneys are still not functioning properly; but she is praying as she returns to the program God will continually heal her and she will grow stronger with time.

Thank you for your prayers! Pastor Jeff Lane will be standing by as Janet makes the transition back to the ministry.

Janet From Rehabilitation.



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Good News about Janet!

Pastor Janet is recovering in a rehabilitation center in the Tampa Bay area. Janet is regaining her strength after suffering a diabetic coma due to surgery. Janet lost circulation  to her legs approximately five weeks ago, and the doctors hope for a full recovery.

After surgery to improve her circulation and remove a toe on her foot, Janet suffered a major setback going into a diabetic coma. Janet spent approximately one week in the intensive care unit at the hospital. She has had a miraculous recovery  and is now recuperating  in a rehabilitation center in Tampa Bay.

Continue to pray for Janet. Her kidneys are not yet fully functioning, however we are hoping her kidneys  will begin to function again soon. Janet has set a target date of August 1, to make an appearance on The Prayer Meeting.

Again, thank you very much for your prayers. If you would like to help Janet  while she is recovering, you can support the program by sending your offering to PO Box 6922–in Clearwater, Florida 33758.

A Real Miracle

pastor Janet Ellsworth

The miracle lady.

Janet Ellsworth has received a miracle.

Janet’s Testimony.

Approximately one month ago, Janet Ellsworth suddenly became extremely ill. Janet has been battling undiagnosed diabetes which up until this time has been untreated. Without medical attention, Janet began to suddenly have symptoms of severe diabetes and essentially began to collapse physically.

This began about six weeks ago,the first week of June 2015.

Janet fell over a box in her home. She severely injured her toe. The toe never healed. Her foot began to turn black and blue. The circulation was being caught off from her toe. With no blood getting to her foot, her toe had to be removed. Janet Has More On “A Real Miracle”

Divine Power.

There Is Power in the Name of Jesus

There Is Power in the Name of Jesus

Listen to: “Divine Power.”


You have divine power. You are not powerless. I know from time to time you feel like, “oh, I’m so overwhelmed”. But don’t forget, the Lord is on your side. The Scripture says in the Psalms, if the Lord was not on my side, I would have given up in the way. Janet Has More On “Divine Power.”